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UFO - Morpho Fit Knee Brace | Neon Yellow

UFO - Morpho Fit Knee Brace | Neon Yellow

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UFO - Morpho Fit Knee Brace | Neon Yellow

UFO PLAST MORPHO FIT : new and innovative conceptual response in the range of jointed braces for knee protection in sport.

The result of careful, constructive cooperation between ALBERTO BAROZZI CONCEPT, TEK NEG (engineering) and the UFO PLAST technical staff, which made it possible to develop a product that embraces a number of technical and functional factors, including:

- Ergonomic structure with high-performance structure characteristics made from a special plastic polymer

- Total containment of the knee joint thanks to:

  • medial and lateral collateral ligament support
  • anterior and posterior cruciate ligament support
  • patella protection 

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