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Renthal® - 7/8" KTM85 SX Handlebars

Renthal® - 7/8" KTM85 SX Handlebars

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Renthal® - 7/8" KTM85 SX Handlebars

The 7/8in handlebar that started the legacy of Renthal®, created out of the necessity to produce a (7/8in | 22.2mm) dirtbike handlebar that could meet the demands of the worlds best riders, the all aluminum 7/8in handlebar was born.

Undergoing a 15 step advanced manufacturing process, using the same 7010 T6 aluminum found in Twinwall® and Fatbar® to reduce vibration transfered to the rider's hands. Combined with a crossbrace to improve stiffness for rider control, and coupled with patented crossbrace clamps, Renthal® 7/8in bars provide riders with the perfect amount of flex while maintaining the strength to resist bending in the event of a crash.

Bar Dimensions
Width / Dim A 775
Height / Dim B 92
Rise / Dim C 64
Clamping Width / Dim D 115
Sweep / Dim E 49
Control Length / Dim F 196
Dim G
Height / Dim Bv 92
Mounting Diameter 22.2 / 7/8

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