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Motul 300v 4t Fact/line 10w50

Motul 300v 4t Fact/line 10w50

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Product description Motul 300V2 4T Factory Line 10W50 Oil

100% synthetic lubricant oil for motorcycles 4T of track and off-piste competition, developed for factory equipment.

The 300V2 Factory Line lubricant benefits from the latest evolution of Ester Core® technology to offer maximum engine power without compromising reliability and protection against wear.

With the selection of synthetic esters together with organic bases in combination with a set of very innovative additives, MOTUL has created a perfect synergy with the sole objective of increasing the performance and protection of engines, gearbox and clutch discs, in any situation of use or application.

With this new formulation, MOTUL achieves a lower environmental impact.

Order now your Motul 300V2 4T Factory Line 10W50 Oil and receive it at home in a few days. In addition, you can choose different sizes and colors for Motul 300V2 4T Factory Line 10W50 Oil, this way it adapts to your needs. At this moment Motul 300V2 4T Factory Line 10W50 Oil is in stock and the price is 5563 ₨. With our variety of Engine oils articles, you can find everything you need at one place.

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