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KENDA - WASHOUGAL Front MX & Enduro Hard Compound Tyre

KENDA - WASHOUGAL Front MX & Enduro Hard Compound Tyre

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KENDA - WASHOUGAL Front MX & Enduro Hard Compound Tyre

Tire Style: MX / Off-Road

The ultimate intermediate terrain tire is here at Kenda. The Washougal II off-road tires offer dual-compound technology at its finest. The standard compound in the center offers maximum durability while the soft race compound in the shoulder provides cornering stability and optimal traction. These motocross and off-road tires have a new tread pattern that allows for maximum efficiency in a wide variety of terrains and conditions, so for the true riding enthusiast with a real sense of adventure, these are the off-road tires for you.

  • Next generation of legendary Washougal featuring dual-compound technology
  • Rear- Standard compound in center for duarability, Sticky compound in shoulder area for cornering stability & traction
  • Front: Single Compound
  • All new rear tread pattern for improved efficiency in a wider variety of course conditions


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