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Carbon Teck

Carbon Teck - Clutch Cover (4 Stroke Yamaha)

Carbon Teck - Clutch Cover (4 Stroke Yamaha)

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At Carbonteck we only manufacture clutch covers that are attached to your bike with silicone and not bolt-on covers. The reason for this is that a boltton cover is only a dust cover and will only protect against scratches. With a bolt-on cover – on high impact – the impact will go right through the carbon cover and crack or break the aluminium cover with pieces flying everywhere causing potentially major damage. With a Carbonteck cover fitted with the correct silicon in the correct way, a high impact on the aluminium cover might crack or break it, but there will be no leak damage and all the broken pieces will stay intact. We have asked an engineer at the University of Stellenbosch to test 5 of our covers to see how strong our product is. The results were outstanding. Consequently we can confidently offer our product. We use the same infusing technique as with our exhaust guards but we use a different epoxy.

NOTE: Please list your bike brand and model when placing an order.

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