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SR Moto SA

Capit Smart Tyre Warmers XXL – 120/205

Capit Smart Tyre Warmers XXL – 120/205

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Smart Tyre Warmers are technologically advanced, they do not use a thermostat, they self-regulating at 90-95°C and equipped with TNT technology.

Tyre warmers for motorcycles Capit Smart Spina are a product for track use with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Made in Italy by Capit and easy to use with no settings and without a thermostat (insert the plug, and the led light goes on and comes into operation until removing the plug).

Their use maintains the performance of the tyres avoiding hot/cold swings and increasing safety on the track.


  • The self-adjusting heating system at 85°C without on/off thermostat (constant and homogeneous temperature on the tyre without problems of the inconstancy of temperature and low durability)
  • Special silicone heating cable on high heat-conducting fabric.
  • Large sidebands to heat also the rim.
  • Power wire resistant to high temperature.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Operating control light.
  • 220/230V power with European plug – electrical absorption 300 watt (front) – 500 watt (rear)
  • Supplied with transport bag.
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