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Austin Racing - KTM 790/890 RS22 De-Cat Exhaust System

Austin Racing - KTM 790/890 RS22 De-Cat Exhaust System

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Austin Racing - KTM 790/890 RS22 De-Cat Exhaust System

  • Full titanium construction
  • Advanced flow dynamics
  • Stock fueling on the 790 is designed to get around EU emissions control rather than performance, It is essential to use our A.T.O.M module on our de-cat systems. If no A.T.O.M is used with our de-cat systems your exhaust warranty will be invalid.
  • Our A.T.O.M unit provides an ignition & fuel mapping, the unit is one of the most advanced systems on the market. It uses superior connectors and has massive capabilities for ecu action control. The time and effort creating these maps for each bike model is extremely intensive. We keep the mapping within safe working parameters using oil analysis information preserving engine life whilst achieving optimum performance.
  • Please note adding any ceramic coating option to pipework adds 1 additional week to the production lead time
  • DB killers no longer supplied due to revolutionary new internal design.




  • The A.T.O.M unit must be used on any version of the bike running our RS22/de-cat systems, this includes the restricted L versions available, Performance gains on the L version will be noticeable up until 7,000 RPM at which point the restriction will prevent power gains above this RPM, however is essential for safe running of the bike.
  • For our A•T•O•M tuning device contact us via email / phone



  • 790 RS22 de-cat - 1.7kg
  • 790 standard system - 6.7kg
  • Total weight saving - 5.0kg
  • Stock header weight - 2.9kg
  • Austin Racing header weight - 1.1kg
  • header weight saving - 1.8kg

Combined with our headers this creates a total system weight saving of 6.8 kg !



  • 104-105 Db

Please note, there is a 8-10 week waiting time on this exhaust system. Austin Racing Exhausts are hand-built by professionals for a bespoke, top quality end result. Please contact us before making an order, prices fluctuate depending on preferences.

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