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DIRT SCRUB - FOAM SCRUB Bike Cleaner 1L / 5L

DIRT SCRUB - FOAM SCRUB Bike Cleaner 1L / 5L

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DIRT SCRUB - FOAM SCRUB Bike Cleaner 1L / 5L

For those who scrub on and off the track

Available in a 1L high foam spray bottle or a 5L bottle.

Our FOAM SCRUB is a versatile, non flammable, multipurpose bio-degradable degreaser and cleaner. FOAM SCRUB is based on a balance of non-ionic surfactants and coupling solvents.


FOAM SCRUB Is a ready-to-use product. Simply Apply FOAM SCRUB to the surface, wait 5 mins and rinse with a high pressure hose. 

Safe to use on all off-road / Street motorcycles and ATV's. Will not damage O-rings, Vinyl or and metal surfaces. 

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